Self Service Deployment – Impact

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Are you one of those customers discerned by Microsoft Azure for Self-service deployment functionality? Firstly, it’s a great feature to take of edge off the deployment process, please click here to know more of this functionality, and at the same time, here is what you should know the implications of it.

Access to Tier 2+:

Remote desktop and SQL access to all tier 2+ environments (sandbox and production) will be removed. However, you will continue to have Just-in time access for SQL

Single Deployable package:

All the customization and ISV packages will need to be combined for deployment and is enforced by removing the ability to deploy one module at a time.

Custom fonts and Visual Basic script decommission in SSRS:

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) framework will no longer can use custom fonts and the business logic defined using Visual basic script for document reports

Document and Report preview (Important):

The documents and reports are enabled to preview with new embedded PDF viewer functionality instead of HTML viewer. Here are some of the limitations of PDF viewer functionality you should know about

  • No longer can use embedded drill thru links (highlighted in blue) like Journal number, voucher numbers etc.
  • Cannot print the reports directly to domain-hosted printer devices
  • Export to excel, csv, and other standard formats has been ruled out when viewing reports on screen.
  • However, you will still can email or print the report with the required file format by using different print destination options.
  • Sub-reports are not supported when viewing reports as PDF documents.

Are you still a fan of HTML viewer with drill through functionality and export options on screen? so am I, please vote the idea below to get this feature back.

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Self-service Deployment

About PDF Viewer and limitations

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