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Microsoft has been releasing some exciting features in all areas of business application, here are some of the accounts receivable features recently released for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance business app.

These are some of the small changes but has significant impact on accounts receivable day to day operations.

Show due date and allow edit

How important is to keep the aging and bad debt reserve calculation correct to reflect and present financial statements accurately in the month end, with complex AR operations subject to frequent change in the terms of payment with the customer that impacts the due date of invoice and aging calculations.

Microsoft has released this new feature to fill this gap which will allow to edit the posted customer transactions to change the due dates in the system. Please see below

Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable parameters
On the settlement tab, options fast tab
Mark ‘Show due date and allow edit’

My recommendation if you are turning on this feature, to update all existing transactions and keep it consistent. If you have large set of transactions run the process in background.


Once the feature is enabled, go to customer transaction form and select the transaction to which due date need to be changed.

Click on edit and click on the Due date hyperlink to update the due dates and cash discount dates.


Verify the due date on the customer transaction line is updated from 09/01/2019 to 12/22/2019


Free text invoice template

We all know how templates help to perform day to day business operations faster and easier.

D365 finance had free text invoice template feature from earlier versions. However, this new feature will provide the ability to save any free text invoice record as template and use them for recurring invoices. Also, create a new free text invoice using a template when its manually created.

Accounts receivable > Invoices > All free text invoices.
Select the invoice from which the template needs to be created.
On the Invoice tab, click on Save to template
Enter template name and description


Click ok to save the template
To create new FTI from template, click on New from template
Select the template just created and a customer account.Select either FTI template or customer account to determine the default values like terms of payment, methods of payment, financial dimensions etc…


Copy free text invoice lines

How often we spend time to add FTI lines with similar line details, this new feature from D365 finance provide an ability to copy FTI lines in the same free text invoice record.

Accounts receivable > Invoices > All free text invoices.
Click on the invoice to which invoice lines to be copied
On the invoice lines, click on ‘Copy selected lines’
Enter the number of copies per each selected line is required and copy notes, attachments and distributions if required.


As we see the similar 10 lines are copied to FTI invoice record quick and easy.


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