Copy customers and vendors between legal entities

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Microsoft has been releasing some good features for D365 F&O application in the recent past. Copy customers and vendors is one such feature which is mostly unsung in communities and other Dynamics blog posts

If you maintain the same customer/vendor masters in multiple legal entities and must perform tedious tasks to copy customers/vendors details between legal entities, this is the solution for you. For this blog I will be using customer record to show case copy functionality of D365 F&O.

Configuration and cautions:

The number sequence for customer id should be shared for copying the customer record between the legal entities and it uses the same customer id’s in both the legal entities.

Customers can be copied with manual customer IDs. However, if you try to copy a customer to a legal entity where the customer ID already exists, the copy process won’t be started.

What it means a shared number sequence? A number sequence should have scope parameter as shared in the number sequence master record.


The customer number sequence can be assigned to accounts receivable parameters and customer group setup. The number sequence for a customer group is used first. If no number sequence is specified for a customer group, the number sequence that is specified on the Accounts receivable parameters page is used.

Accounts receivable > Accounts receivable parameters > Number sequence tab


Accounts receivable > Setup > Customer groupsCC_02

Now let’s see how the copy functionality works, there are two way in which copy functionality is designed.

Copy from Name field.

On the all customer list of company where customer should be copied, Click new

On the Name field, click on the drop down and search for customer

Click on the roles and you can copy a party only if it has a customer role, and if it has that role in a legal entity that isn’t the current legal entity

Scroll down to see the copy customer option, click on yes and select the company from which you wish to copy the customer


Click on Select

And there will be validation check for all the required information in current legal to be copied from other legal entity. The copy of the customer can’t be saved until all the validation errors are fixed.


Copy from tax exempt number search feature

Customer copy can be also performed using tax exempt number search feature. that is in the Registration group on the Customer tab on the Action Pane of the All customers page.

And copy customer option appears when you select tax exempt record of a customer from different legal entity which does not exist in currency legal entity.


Click on copy customer to copy the record and same validation occurs which should be fixed until the customer record can be saved in current legal entity.


Important note:

The same functionality is available in Accounts payable to copy vendors between legal entities.


The data used for this demonstration is from Contoso demo data in D365 F&O application and it does not contain or imply of any individual or company data.

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Namith Hosmane

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