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We all know how Microsoft flow has been popular with its ability to automate business processes through trigger and action based system.

In this blog, I will talk about how Microsoft flow can be used to create recurring journals in Dynamics 365 fin & ops, and send email to relevant stakeholders for review, approval and posting.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl

Let me explain each step in detail I configured for this Microsoft flow.


This is the trigger step to start the process, schedule can be used set up the recurrence for the flow.

The flow is setup with frequency to run once in every month. We can also setup start date and the time zone in which flow has to run.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_01

List rows present in the table

Add new action to get rows from excel online to create journal header and lines in further actions.

Specify the location, document library, file path and the Table from which the data needs to pulled from the excel online.

Important note: The data has to be formatted as table in excel online file to get the rows in MS flow.MS Flow Rec Jrnl_02Once the data is converted as table, use the table name to specify in MS flow,

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_03

Create record (To create General journal header):

Add new action to create header record in Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops.

Specify the instance name, Entity name ‘LedgerJournalHeaders’, Journal name and legal entity to which the journal header should be created.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_04.PNG

Apply To Each And Compose Actions:

Use the ‘Apply to each’ action control to use the values from previous actions dynamically.

On the Dynamic content bar, select ‘value’ to retrieve the all the values used in excel online.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_05

Then add compose action and use the dynamic content to hold the Debit amount from excel online

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_06.PNG

Add one more compose action and an expression to convert the debit amount to float, this step is mandatory to convert the amount into acceptable decimal values in Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops.

float (outputs(‘Compose_(_Hold_the_line_amount_)’))

Note: There are more expressions to convert the amount fields into acceptable decimal values with one digit or two digits.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_07.PNG

Create record (To create general journal lines):

Add an action to create general journal lines records in Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops.

Specify the instance name and entity name ‘LedgerJournalLines’. Use the dynamic content option and map the fields from excel online to fields in entity.

Here are the key fields to be mapped apart from excel online dynamic content

Journal batch number: From create general ledger header actionMS Flow Rec Jrnl_08

Debit amount: From compose action (converted to float).

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_09

Send email (Office 365 outlook):

Specify the email address, subject and body of the email, use the dynamic content in a subject or email body if required.

Journal batch number is used as an dynamic content in this flow, this helps the recipient to review and approve the appropriate journal created in Dynamics 365 fin & ops.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_10.PNG

Run the Flow:

Now let’s test the flow and see the resultsMS Flow Rec Jrnl_11.PNG

Recipients will get the email once the flow is executed successfully,MS Flow Rec Jrnl_12.PNG

Get into the Dynamics 365 fin & ops and review the journal lines are created correctly as provided the excel data.

MS Flow Rec Jrnl_13

Best Regards,

Namith Hosmane

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